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What to eat in Phu Quoc (Part 1)

Thanks to the stunning sightseeing, Phu Quoc is one of the most attractive islands in Vietnam. Moreover, Phu Quoc also offers numerous delicious dishes that you cannot miss.

Tasty rice paper in Vietnam

Cuisine is one of the highlights that attracts tourists when visiting Vietnam. There are plenty of food that leave the deep impression on visitors who have tried once including rice paper - a popular Vietnamese street food.

Enjoying Vietnamese traditional dish – Spring roll

Spring roll is a traditional and tasty dish that you should not miss when visiting Vietnam. This dish has rapidly become a favorite food for anyone who has tried once.

Indispensable vegetables in Vietnam

Vegetables is an indispensable part in every family meal. As a tropical country, Vietnam creates favorable conditions for growth of vegetables. These are the most popualar ones in Vietnam.

Vietnamese traditional sweets in Tet

For Vietnamese people, Tet holiday is the most important occasion in the year. Tet is often accompanied by a sudden explosion of sweet snacks and great food all over the country. A month before the holiday, visitors may find themselves surrounded by a wide variety of colorful candies, roasted seeds, pickles and candied fruits, which are rarely served during the rest of the year.

The most common tea in Vietnam

Tea drinking is a fairly informal affair in Vietnam, without the complex rituals found in other countries. However, it still plays a central role in society, being served at the start of business meetings, during meals or as part of a catch-up between friends. Drinking tea is also often seen as a contemplative activity, and is frequently associated with pastimes such as poetry, gardening, or scholarly pursuits.

Top Saigon’s mouth-watering wrap dishes (Part 2)

Enjoying wrap dishes is an amazing experience when travelling to Ho Chi Minh City. Below are the most delicious one that you should not miss.

Top Saigon’s mouth-watering wrap dishes (Part 1)

Not only famous for the beautiful landscapes, Ho Chi Minh City is also well-known for its stunning cuisine. Saigon's snacks always bring tourist amazing feelings through its delicious dishes.

Top desserts made of banana that you should not miss

Banana is a nutritious tropical fruit with a lot of health benefits, therefore the Vietnamese incorporate them into a lot of recipes. Here’s a list of some very popular desserts that are made from bananas, that people often enjoy in Vietnam.

Vietnamese unusual dishes

There’re many weird Vietnamese foods & drinks that some of you will not even think of. They may be not so strange to Easterners, but are likely bizarre to Westerners.

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